Garb for Children


So, often I hear “I refuse to sew garb for my kids… they’ll only wear it once before out growing it!”  Well, that may be true.  And sewing for the “rapidly growing” can be very frustrating.  This little guy has certainly timed his growth spurts to land just before EVERY SINGLE event I ever planned on taking him to.  Okay, maybe not EVERY one, but often enough.  My son is 4 1/2 in this picture taken at Nordskogen’s 12th Night (Kingdom of Northshield) in January 2013.  I actually only sewed the tunic.  The rest of the ensemble is store bought clothes or accessories.  Yes!  Accessories make the outfit!  (Whatever outfit it happens to be!)  He is wearing his everyday dinosaur tenner shoes with a pair of “Go, Diego, Go” pants which just happened to be a nice color brown (knit and stretchy?  Who cares!).  Actually, you can see the brand label tag on his lower left leg.  BUT, his tunic is 100% linen made with extra long hem and cuffs.  He absolutely loves his belt with pouches sized just for him.  The dark brown one would barely fit a deck of cards, the yellow-ish one on the left wouldn’t fit even that, BUT they fit a couple of bouncy balls or a Hot Wheels car perfectly!  As it turns out, he was able to wear this tunic again for my shire’s camping event in August.  The sleeves had gotten a bit short at the wrist and the hem only came to mid-thigh, but oh, well.

Ironically, in July I started a pair of linen pants for him, figuring that he would be more comfortable in light weight linen than in essentially “sweat pants”.  I made them EXTRA long.  When I pulled them out a month later, they were already too short… looked liked they’d shrunk badly!  🙂  Oh, well.


About kharjamaki

Other than being a member of the Society for Creative Anachronism, I am a Mom (my boy will be 5 in April), a voracious reader, and an advocate of support and dignity for people with disabilities. I work for ODC, a company whose mission is to provide job opportunities to people with disabilities (of a wide variety of types and levels of severity).

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